$H!T Men Say: Athens

Warning! The following is a list of some things that men say in Athens. They are mostly chauvinistic, rude, and outright mean. You have been warned.



See that girl over there? I’m going to make her feel awkward.

Don’t play something stupid.

I took her to Salaam’s and then we had Perks, over and over again.

Did you see Hellnaw? HELL YES! (stolen)

Did you see that beard? It was glorious.

No, I did not know she was your friend.

PBR please.

Shot of whiskey please.

God I just wanna dance.

I love you.

I hate you.


Yeah, she’s really smart (motioning to his chest).

I hate feeling feelings!

I’ve been called the songbird of my generation.

Yeah, I know her, we used to date.

My god, she’s beautiful. Am I going to talk to her? God no.

Don’t do anything stupid.

I’m sorry? I love you?

Come in here brother, let Papa Bear get his paws on ya.

High fives!

Hand hugs?

No, I am not going to the gay bar. Oh, you meant J bar. I’m still not going.

Why are you talking to me? I didn’t come to the bar to talk, I came to drink.

Is she dancing with him? Jesus. Yeah, I’ll take a shot of whiskey and a PBR please.


Don’t judge me.

Binary rules, go!

I’m going to ask her to rub my beard, you think that’ll work?

So, what’s your major again?

Let me guess, you want another Cranberry and Vodka?

J.D. …… Stop talking.

Yeah, I’m just going to sit a few plays out.

You smell pretty, can we hug?

You’re a lot prettier than me.

(insert random screaming during odd hours of the night here)

I want to hit someone in the face.

Do you want to go home and listen to me play guitar and read my poetry? Yeah?

Don’t mind him he’s just drunk.

My god, your life is a mess.

Something came up and bit me! (Forrest Gump impression)

I miss you, I miss your smell, I miss your laugh, I miss your musk, I miss being near you, and I think after this is all over, me and you should get an apartment together!

You think she likes guys?

Let’s go on a CRUISE!

I don’t wanna go home yet!

Aw, shut up and drink this.

She sent you home after you did her dishes….what?

Baby doll!

I don’t deserve her, I don’t deserve anybody! (awkward crying ensued).

No I will not make out with you!

This song is about my life.

Aw you’re cute.

What’s her name again?

What? I’d have to take her out and be nice to her and stuff? Sounds like a lot of work.

Yeah, I mean I guess we’re together, I buy her meals and stuff.

Why doesn’t she like me!? I’m nice and stuff right?

This is just a small list of sayings I participate in on a daily basis. I warned you!


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