A Poem For You

Try Everything Once


Try everything once

be poor just to be poor

be gay just to be gay

be high on cocaine for 3 days,

stumbling over yourself through jobs,

class, and relationships that are stalling

but be cool.


The whole world tells you to be cool,

even me,

but be hot, man

hotter than the sun

hotter than the blonde seamstress

tying your knots

her whispering contraption

caging your fears,

even your thoughts.


be bold, man

bolder than key words in books

bolder than the locks on door

and vying hearts

bolder than the 3 a.m. car rides

through back country woods

telling your roommate to go faster,


faster than the rising sun.


but be high, man

higher than the flight of planes

higher than Dickinson

when she wrote of

the tired Plains.

Higher than Hunter,

Benson, or Nietzche,

Sit atop of a mountain

and scream loyally,

“I’m only me!”


But be you, man

if anything, be you

be you when dubbed secret stuff

be you when muttered bearded scruff

be you when the whole world is pointing

be you, man

when the whole world screams at you,



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