Poem for the Day

Miss Lady



I have thought about you,

You know,

Through harsh and grim

Tattered spring,

North Carolina waves

And evenings when I sing.

I’ve seen another before you,

And for that I am sorry,

It was only your encouragement.

For that I am not sorry.

But now,

Reeking of sandy beaches

And wood left burning,

Your photographs leave

Me posturate,

And yearning.

What hidden roads do

You believe?

What shiny moons,

Do you seek?


I am nothing but poor.

Poor with envy

Poor with lust

Poor in a lover’s minds eye.

Miss Lady,

Would you seek me

To conspire?

Take off our wings

And fly straight

To the moon,

Leave others yearning

For our ultra sweet

Dance moves.


No turning back now,

The train has left

The station.

To be without you

Is having love

On probation.

I hope you seek me

In common fellows tongue,

Let me undress you

In a Christmas wreath wrung.

Spread the turkey

Like my love

On a baster.

Let me write lines

Like a lover

On a bender.


Miss Lady,

I seek you.


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