Poem For You

Candy Land


I sit outside college green,

The imposing statue standing furtively

In caked grass stone,

Hippies, and cigarettes

Encompassing its surroundings.

I sit,

Motioning for cigarettes

Over blue green grass

That stands a little bit higher

In some places,

like my hair.

The sun is growing,

Hotter and hotter as

Each day passes,

Smaller and smaller,

as men are

With classes,

And I lay back,

Counting the cloud moons.


A giant donut moon

Splashed with frosting,

Mailboxes and trash cans

Growing in cilantro

People in cool, quipped


Spouting colors

Too bright for even me.


Hippies with bare feet

Sift through grass

Like broken glass

And I smile politely.

Ants running over papers

That can smoke

And be smoked.

Tiny hula-hoop dancers


And swaying

Under the wind swept trees

Of college dreams.


Respective men

In man suits

Scouring for the next

Pick of the litter.

Dogs like kittens

Sniffing for chocolate

And other things they can’t have.

Men like dogs

Sniffing for princesses

And other things they won’t ever have.

Two toned girls

With flashes of credit

And muse

Shower me with

Pixels of portraits

And numbing words.






The whole scenes a stage

And I’m the only one



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