New poem.  I’m still wrestling with the idea, but you get the gist.


What is truth?


Truth hides under the bed sheets.

Truth is still a little afraid of the dark.


Truth plucks his eyebrows.

Truth tells himself he’s good looking.

Truth knows he looks like a bear.


Truth accidentally pees himself a little bit when in public.

Truth acts as if nothing has happened.


Truth has terrible morning breath.

Truth is too lazy to get up in the morning, so he pees in a cup closest to his bed.


Truth never has any money.

Truth has all sorts of time.


Truth hates the person in the mirror.

Truth doesn’t know how to change him.


Truth wastes time and money on people that won’t matter.

Truth tells himself they do.


Truth loves poetry.

Truth is terrible at romance.


Truth reads too many books.

Truth brags about reading so many books.

Truth hates that.


If Truth was going to lie, he’d do it to your face.

Truth sometimes wonders about the phrase ‘white lie’.

Truth wonders if black people would be offended if he coined the phrase ‘black lie’.


Truth goes to the bar and dances.

Truth looks ridiculous.

Truth breaks his sandals.

Truth walks barefoot home, and doesn’t wash his feet.


Truth wishes there was someone next to him.

Truth coughs uncontrollably.

Truth sleeps.


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